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Amanda Muhammad is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management & Psychological Safety Consultant in Dallas, TX.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology, holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Leadership. Amanda is a certified Mindfulness Trainer, Compassion Fatigue Trainer and yoga instructor.

Amanda spends her days teaching practical, research-backed methods for stress management to professionals. A nationally sought-after Mindfulness Consultant, Amanda supports organizations and educational institutions in introducing these techniques to students and clients as a foundation for social- emotional learning, restorative practices, and building resilience.

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Recently, I did some work with some of the great folks over at Communities in Schools. Within the first 15 minutes of our time together, I was able to help shift the emotional state of my participants by an average of 38%. That’s MAJOR. In less than half that time participants could already feel the impact of our practice.

I can’t make your employees stress disappear. I won’t sell you that dream. But I can absolutely teach them evidence-based tools that they can have on hand for when stressful situations show up and they need to respond in a more optimal way.

I’m looking forward to working with you.
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Amanda has facilitated a variety of training’s across the world in-person & virtually Topics range from Building Resilience to Stress to Creating Psychological Safety at Work…...


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Inbox Coaching™ is designed for busy people like your employees who are ready to shift but need easy, actionable tips in bite-sized morsels to slowly and steadily make a consistent change...